A.) About the ACRF

Who is the ACRF?

Our mission at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is to fund world-leading research which will bring an end to cancer.

We are one of Australia’s leading funding bodies for cancer research, specifically providing research teams and collaborations with the infrastructure, equipment and technologies they need to improve preventative, diagnostic and treatment options for all cancer patients.

Since our inception in 1984, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has provided more than $135 million in research grants. These grants are awarded based on the recommendations of a Medical Research Advisory Committee of Australian and international cancer scientists.

What research does the ACRF fund?

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation provides funding exclusively for research equipment and infrastructure. We do not fund research hours, patient support, or education.

Our mission to help find the causes of cancer and the vulnerabilities within cancer cell – through cutting-edge science – is not limited to any one cancer type. We fund preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic research for all types of cancer.

Frequently, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation provides the seed-funding to establish major specialist cancer centres and laboratories. Our funding acts as an important catalyst for these research institutes to garner additional support from government, universities, companies and philanthropists.

It allows them to collaborate with the best, and achieve the most detailed, targeted results, faster.

How can I apply for an ACRF grant?

The ACRF provides capital grants for the establishment of capital works and facilities (including scientific equipment and other technologies) in Australian research institutes, in support of all aspects of cancer research including but not limited to cell and molecular biology, epidemiology, prevention and drug development. Grants are usually in the range of $1.5million to $5 million.

The ACRF is a ‘seed’ funding body and is therefore interested in applications for larger scale research projects with value over and above the amount sought directly from ACRF. We expect applicants to leverage ACRF grants to secure any ‘gap’ funding and also to feature multi-disciplinary teams, collaborations and evidence of the translational impacts at a clinical level (with patients). For further information and application guidelines, please refer here.

Can the ACRF provide me with medical advice?

The ACRF is a funding body and therefore does not provide medical or research advice. We are fortunate to engage a Volunteer Committee of world-leading cancer scientists for the purposes of assessing grant applications, but if you have a research or treatment-specific question please seek the opinion of a medical professional.

B) About .CancerResearch

What is the mission/purpose of .CancerResearch?

The .CancerResearch Top Level Domain is an internet domain with a collaborative vision, proudly facilitated by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

The focus of .CancerResearch is to bring together news, information and leading opinions on cancer treatment, prevention, diagnosis and cure. Our priority is to ensure .CancerResearch is both internationally relevant and community-focused.

What is a Top Level Domain?

A Top Level Domain, often referred to as a TLD is the text, or ‘label’ that comes after the last dot in a domain name. Some of the most commonly known Top Level Domains are .com, .net, and .org and .au.

The .CancerResearch Top Level Domain is newly launched as part of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN – www.icann.org) release of new TLDs. It is solely dedicated to the purpose of raising awareness and funds for cancer research. For more information, please refer to the Mission/Purpose of the .CancerResearch TLD.

How will .CancerResearch impact cancer research?

Everything ACRF does is with the goal of ending cancer. If you’d like to understand more about how .CancerResearch will help us achieve this, please call +61 2 9223 7833.

What is the difference between .CancerResearch and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation?

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is a private not-for-profit organisation operating in Australia. .CancerResearch is an internet domain and part of the next generation of online communication.

The ACRF recognises the importance of digital technology now and into the future to provide a central ‘Home’ on the internet for the cancer research community.

By providing a dedicated domain namespace for cancer research information, news and ways to support researchers’ vital work, we are confident this Top Level Domain will enhance our ability to provide more funds to support this vital research into all types of cancer.

I’m interested in publishing on your site(s). Is this possible and how do I do this?

We are always seeking assistance from qualified individuals who share our commitment to eradicating cancer globally. We encourage appropriately qualified individuals who are interested in publishing on existing .CancerResearch sites or curating or adding content to contact us directly via: home.cancerresearch/enquiries

I’m interested in partnering with .CancerResearch

If you are an individual or represent a group or company that shares our commitment to ending cancer globally, or if you are a qualified individual with expertise in research and communications, please contact us at home.cancerresearch/enquiries. The Australian Cancer Research Foundation looks forward to reading your proposal on how we can build a strong partnership that can utilise the power of .CancerResearch to end cancer.

C) .CancerResearch Domains - Applicants

How do I apply for a domain name?

If you would like to apply for a .CancerResearch domain name please send your expression of interest to home.cancerresearch/enquiries

D) .CancerResearch Domains - Registrars

What are the requirements to be a registrar

If you would like more information on becoming a .CancerResearch registrar please send your expression of interest to home.cancerresearch/enquiries

E) Supporting, partnering or staying in touch.

How can I support the Australian Cancer Research Foundation?

There are many ways in which you may assist the .CancerResearch Top Level Domain initiative. For further information on how you can assist, please contact the ACRF on +61 2 9223 7833 or email tld@acrf.com.au.

How can I support the .CancerResearch domain initiative?

We are dedicated to providing peer-reviewed, expert information on cancer research and progress in an accessible way. If you have the same vision, please contact us at home.cancerresearch/enquiries

How do you use/protect my personal details?

We value your privacy and safeguard your personal information. Please view our privacy policy http://home.cancerresearch/privacy-policy/ for details on how your information will be used by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

For details on how personal information may be used within the .CancerResearch Top Level Domain, please refer to the WHOIS Service section within the Registration Policy located at http://nic.cancerresearch.

Can my donation go to a specific geographic region/cancer type?

Funds received via the .CancerResearch Top Level Domain will support world leading cancer research activities, according to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s grants policies. https://acrf.com.au/cancer-research-grants/research-grant-guidelines-and-applications/

Applications for ACRF funding are assessed according to the world-class standards of our esteemed Medical Research Advisory Committee.

At this stage, we do not allocate donations to research into particular cancer types – we fund research into all types of cancer – or to research facilities located outside of Australia. However, we are committed to ensuring that funds are awarded to research projects that have the greatest potential to improve the fight against cancer.

To read more about our Medical Research Advisory Committee, click here.

If you have a specific query regarding a donation, please contact us directly on +61 2 9223 7833 or tld@acrf.com.au.

I’d like to subscribe to receive news updates.

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